Relaxation Therapist Practice - Module 6

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Relaxation Therapist Practice

This module can only be undertaken by students as one of the compulsory modules for the Certificated Relaxation Therapist Training

Course Curriculum

Practicing As A Professional Relaxation Therapist & Teacher
Practising As A Professional Relaxation Therapist Video
Practising As A Professional Therapist Podcast
Professional Codes Of Conduct
Professional Codes Of Conduct Video
Health And Safety Guidelines
Health And Safety Guidelines
Model Case Studies
Client Case Studies
Advancing Your Relaxation Skills
Simple Ways To Advance Your Relaxation Therapy Skills Video
Using NLP In Relaxation therapy
NLP For Relaxation
Encouraging Relaxation Response Using NLP
7 - 11 Breathing Technique
Setting The Scene
Music For Relaxation
Using Music Legally In Your Practise
Sounds For Meditation
Use Of Binaural Beats
Biofeedback Therapy

Eileen Burns


Eileen Burns, owner of Stress Coach Training and Spiritual Marketing Club. Has been teaching in the holistic industry for 17 years. 

She began studying healing and meditation 25 years, a coach, healer and therapist her main area of expertise is stress management and mentoring for coaches, healers and therapists