Intro Relaxation Level 1- Assessment Module 5

This is the assessment module for Level 1 Introduction To Relaxation Therapy

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Assessment & Assignment Module - Level 1 Intro To Relaxation Therapy

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This training course is provided by Stress Coach Training School established by Stress Expert, Meditation Teacher and Relaxation Therapist; Eileen Burns. About Eileen
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Intended Audience: therapists, healers, counsellors, yoga teachers, students, professionals, life coaches, life coach, health coach, health coaches, teachers, reiki masters, reiki master

Course Curriculum

Introduction Video
Introduction To Relaxation Therapy Audiotrack
The Role Of Relaxation Therapist & Teacher
10.1 - Relaxation Diary
Case Study 1
Module 1 Worksheet
Case Study 1:
Relaxation Treatment Program

Eileen Burns


Eileen Burns, owner of Stress Coach Training and Spiritual Marketing Club. Has been teaching in the holistic industry for 17 years. 

She began studying healing and meditation 25 years, a coach, healer and therapist her main area of expertise is stress management and mentoring for coaches, healers and therapists